Inclusion. Innovation. Impact. CMD-IT!

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Happy New Year! It is my great pleasure to have joined CMD-IT (pronounced “Command It”) as its new Executive Director at the end of last year. CMD-IT and our amazing community has played a large part of my life for the last thirteen years. My first encounter with CMD-IT was in 2007 at my very first Tapia Conference in Orlando Florida. I was a black technical woman working at a tech startup and at that time I had seldom seen another technical person of color. The Tapia Conference changed that for me. Suddenly I was in a room full of tech professionals and many of them looked like me. I realized I was no longer alone, I found my community.

Over these last thirteen years,as I’ve worked at other organizations, I remained highly involved with CMD-IT and its’ programs. I was chairperson for a Code-a-thon held at Tapia in 2014 and, with Black Women in Computing(BWiC), co-organized coding workshops to help teach coding to local Middle School students from underrepresented groups and low-income kids. It has been a real pleasure to help support the organization and help build our community.

Moving forward, I’m very excited to bring new strategies and ideas to CMD-IT. Over the last few months I’ve been engaging with and listening to many members of our community. Your feedback and suggestions have been greatly appreciated.

Over the next two years CMD-IT will introduce new programs and events to create sustainable impact and increase our engagement with industry, academia and government organizations. Our mission continues to focus on changing the culture of Computing and Information Technology by increasing representation of underrepresented minorities and people with disabilities and amplifying the talent from these groups. I invite you to engage with CMD-IT as an event participant, community volunteer and sponsor. Together we will work to create a more diverse and inclusive culture in tech, innovate to solve the world’s greatest problems and increase our impact in our communities.

How do we create change? We CMD-IT!